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Milutina Milankovica 11b
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Project and delivery Management services for application development

Launch Your App Faster and on Schedule

We are not just “standalone developers,” all our processes are based on an Agile SCRUM process, and our PMs will be speaking business language with you, directing the team towards your business goals.

Our development methodology ensures:

  • Faster time to market without losing quality

    Traditional ways of project management are limited in terms of flexibility as changes are very expensive and time-consuming to perform. From over 5 years of experience in application development, project requirements never stay the same from the beginning. Using an iterative process ensures faster time-to-market while maintaining the same level of quality.

  • More value for the same resources

    Agile principles were devised to combat all the problems identified in traditional development processes. Following these principles allows us to provide you with more value for your investment by having higher productivity levels than using traditional development methodology.

  • Lower risk of project failure

    You don’t need to have a perfect solution to make a profit. Working solution beats the ‘perfect’ solution still-in-development. Because guess what? There is no perfection! You will always have to improve to remain successful. The flexibility of agile allows you to make changes in time and avoid failure.

  • More control

    Agile is very transparent which means you won’t wait several months until you see that something is being done. Two-week sprints allow you to stay in control and make changes early on if needed.

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How we stay on schedule

If you ever worked in development, you know how missing deadlines seems to be a regular occurrence. Crossed deadlines not only cause anxiety and complicate the marketing strategy but you are also bleeding money from all the missed deals in the meantime. To avoid this TMS stays on schedule by:

Backlog planning

Think of it as a to-do-list but optimized for value. Every task on the backlog plan is adding value to the project and has its own priority. We only do the things that matter for the end result.

Sprint planning

Your project manager will determine what needs to be done in the next 2-week period and prioritize available resources to make sure you get a reliable solution.

Product Demos every 2 weeks

After every two weeks during the app development timeline, we present our work so you can be sure that your app is coming to life according to plan and is not being tucked away until the last moment.

Priority reviews every 2 weeks

No one can predict the future, especially in application development where things are moving at a fast pace. To avoid losing time and money, we review priorities from time to time and make necessary adjustments if needed.

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