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Milutina Milankovica 11b
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Leverage our Web and Mobile app design services for a quick product launch, superior usability and increased user engagement with your app

Get Award Winning UI and UX Designed Applications

What Makes TMS App Design Services Different

  • Award-winning design team

    Our solutions have been praised for their design by some of the highest authorities in the industry (Awwwards, CSS Winner, CSS Design Awards). Your product will not only work fast but also look stunning on every platform.

  • Purpose-driven UI & UX design

    Design without purpose is faulty design, no matter how breathtaking it is. For 5 years we have been developing and running several successful in-house apps and we understand that there are specific goals your app needs to achieve. If your goal is to sell products we focus the design on driving conversions, if you strive to educate and spread information than we focus on storytelling and awareness. The design is always geared towards achieving a defined purpose.

  • Flexible and versatile

    Over the years we have designed and developed solutions ranging across several industries and target demographics. This experience has made our design services team highly adaptable to your specific needs and requests.

  • Tested and proven process

    UX and UI design process we have come up with is the result of years of experience in optimizing time and budget constraints so our clients could get the most value out of their investment.

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Our UX and UI Design Service in Segments

Years of experience have led us to develop the most effective design process with high standards, best practices, and tools which saves time and cuts cost while delivering a sales-ready solution.

Needs analysis

Aesthetic design is nothing without practicality, but practicality alone is not sufficient for highly competitive markets. Our products are designed to provide high levels of customer satisfaction which we achieve with through business analysis and planning.

Low-fidelity UX wireframing

We identify the BIG idea, the concept, and mindset which will guide the whole design and sketch all the elements required to make it possible. The result is a set of building blocks and their proposed interaction. At TMS we strive to spend just the right amount of time on low fidelity wireframes as they are quick to produce but essential for the next steps.

High-fidelity UX wireframing

Low-fidelity wireframes are refined to represent an actual look and feel of the proposed design. Test users can interact with the product and provide first feedback before the start of front-end developing.

UI design in iterations

Our UI design team are masters in bringing wireframes to life. From building a prototype for testing purposes to design iterations. The end result is a polished product ready to create a thrilling branded experience and engage your customers.

We ensure that UX designers, information architecture specialists, and front-end developers collaborate to deliver a reliable solution with excelling appeal.

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