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Milutina Milankovica 11b
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Custom web application development services

Reliable and Experienced Partner for Your Web Application or SaaS Development

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of app engineering so you can choose the whole package or a single segment. This approach allowed us to work on various solutions and gain industry expertise with different technologies. 
With this knowledge, we are able to make astonishing solutions and create value for clients and end-users, optimizing budget and time constraints.

Our Web Application Development Services are Specialized for:

  • Web application development from scratch

    You have an idea for an app but no technical background to know if it’s even possible to execute or how to approach building it. We set you up starting from business analysis, prototyping, and design, to choosing the best technology within an optimized framework for delivering a usable solution fast.

  • Extending your in-house development team

    Whether you need temporary help for your main project or you need your enterprise team to focus on a more important task - having senior software engineers at hand without having them on your payroll is a cost-effective way for delivering on project deadlines and closing key milestones.

  • Taking over botched web application development projects

    Many developers shy away from other people’s code, but our experience and consulting can help you determine the right course of action for your web app development project. We first determine if the previous work was done following best practices and industry standards and tell you transparently how we can recover your project.

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What you get with TMS Web App Development services

Fast web application development

We get it, you don’t need to know what SCRUM, agile, product owner, unit tests and other developer mumbo jumbo mean. You want your ideas implemented - fast. You just want to be sure that we are using the best practices, highest industry standards and technologies for rapid web and mobile app development.

Time to focus on ideas and fundraising

Your startup needs to grow! Work on your marketing strategy to get more clients and business management for more funds. Don’t lose precious time dealing with software bugs and unreliable developers.

A stable platform which works as intended

You developed software on your own, with a freelancer or with an inexperienced company, due to lack of project management and expertise the cooperation has reached its limits and now it’s time to have a platform that just works. Making sales, expanding your team and working on marketing are your priorities, not dealing with day-to-day software issues.

Scale your dev team cost-effectively

Don’t let admin complexities or reputational risks keep you from scaling your dev team. Rent external expertise and get those additional tasks glowing red for missing deadlines in Jira finally done.

Close key milestones faster - impress clients with new features

Solve top priorities with your in-house team while not putting other tasks on hold by outsourcing web application development. Speed up only when you need without investing in additional office space, equipment, software, education, recruitment, and taxes.

Technical and business expertise

While we are a web application development company, our successful in-house online business projects give us a unique experience, so we can easily understand and help you with both technical and business aspects of the project.

Experience and emerging knowledge

We invest in our people, so you don’t have to. Our team members participate in industry conferences, open source projects, hackathons and contribute to the growing tech community. Your project will grow as our people do.

A competitive and transparent pricing model

Choose between two pricing models, an hourly rate up to 2 to 3 times lower than in Western countries with the same level of knowledge and expertise, or a flat monthly rate based model for dedicated team members.

Our Approach to Custom Web Application Development

System architectural planning

Every well-developed solution starts with a plan. An architectural system plan defines all the parts of a solution and how they come together to make a powerful experience.

API/Backend code implementation

Lightweight, clean, and easily maintainable are the core principles behind our API/Backend coding. This creates a working environment suitable for multiple programmers with less confusion and faster delivery.

Microservices-based development

Microservices are the perfect solution for Enterprise web app development and complex systems. Reduce the risk of one bug crashing the whole app and deliver software weekly instead of yearly.

External APIs integration

Does your app rely heavily on external API? We will couple external API to your app like they have been friends since childhood.

UI/UX design services

Best web applications are not just the ones with an excellent ‘engine.’ Apps need to load fast, look stunning and interact with ease. Our solutions have been praised for their design by some of the highest authorities in the industry (Awwwards, CSS Winner, CSS Design Awards).

Frontend coding

Don’t compromise looks for speed, demand both. Our frontend coding services help organizations create elegant solutions optimized for speed. Although we can make captivating solutions with pure JavaScript and libraries such as jQuery, modern front-end frameworks are our specialty - React, Angular and Vue in particular.

Quality Assurance and Testing services

Quality is everyone’s job. However, testing software requires a different skill-set and full-time commitment to the task at hand. Our QA services ensure effortless user experience, a reduced number of support tickets and the highest level of data protection.

Infrastructure (Servers) setup

We can help you choose superior infrastructure, or just set up production and live servers, whether they’re cloud services such as Amazon AWS or dedicated servers. We also act as your Sysadmin & DevOps engineer to ensure that your applications are delivered at high velocity.

Web applications we love developing

Database focused products

Building optimal database architecture is a form of art - it has to work as fast as possible without eating more resources than it actually needs.

  • - SQL database
  • - NoSQL database
  • - Cache in database

Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI)

Applications created to manage and analyze Big Data, including Business Intelligence tools, tools for dynamic reporting, custom (drill down) reporting tools, fintech web applications.

Custom CRM tools

Bespoke customer relationship marketing solutions adapted to clients needs, or customization of an existing CRM solution.

Booking platforms

Applications for booking different types of services (can be anything). Ie. Appointment booking, event booking, resource booking.

Professional network/matchmaking

B2B tools to enable networking between professionals online or during events. Matchmaking based on different criteria defined by our client.

Multimedia syndication platforms

Web applications that enable uploading, managing, and streaming of high-quality videos.

eLearning and Online Training

Applications to organize and participate in e-learning and online training sessions. Support for multimedia course materials and documents, live sessions, recorded sessions, lecturer-participant interaction, and any other features that are needed.

Business automation tools

Tools to automate any business process adapted to the needs of our clients.

eCommerce applications

Applications built for painless product management and effortless transactions.

Our Technology Magic

Progressive web applications require more advanced technologies than regular websites. To achieve the speed and usability, we use various programming languages, scripting technologies, libraries, and frameworks.

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