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Milutina Milankovica 11b
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Advise Media Suite

Application for managing pitch and performance tracking projects. Technology for a new Media Auditing age.

  • Project Management
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Feature Release Planning and Optimization
  • Integrations with Syncfusion and other Services
  • Node.js
  • Koa Framework
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Syncfusion
  • Advise Media Consulting


Advise Media Suite is a platform intended for advertisers and their agencies offering optimised, automated and efficient management of pitch and tracking projects. Providing advertisers support in creating transparency and control over their media performance and budgets. Advise Media app is providing tracking and monitoring services creating transparency in the current performance progress - locally and globally. Advise helps their clients in defining the right KPIs for their ROI assessment, covering classic media and digital. It supports multiple services like yearly audit, performance tracking, information whether the agency is meeting its guarantees from a pitch, media performance progress and consultancy on possible adjustments, information on budgets, performance and agency fees movement across markets. Flexible partnership solutions - self service, in house model and hybrid.

  • Strategy and transformation

  • Project management, evaluation and optimisation 

  • Standardisation and automation to achieve independent and transparent pitch process  

  • Media buying and agency remuneration 

  • Digital performance monitoring

  • Flexible partnership solutions available

  • Precise analyses in support of decision making

  • Comprehensive visualization of key performance indicators to support effective handling to the advertisers and their agencies  

  • Globally deployable 

Key challenges

Advise Media Suite application was the first project in the Media and Advertising industry that we developed. Although the domain and industry-specific needs were new to the team, we were very open towards learning about all the industry particulars, calculations, trends and terminology in order to achieve better understanding of the processes we were developing. 

Advise Media software covers the full media spectrum, including all classic media, as well as Digital and Non Buying. One of key goals was transforming the old way of analysing data through excel spreadsheets and digitize the process by making it easy for the user to get all the calculations in one place and minimize the usage of additional files. Being able to understand the entire flow and terminology specific to the media & advertising domain was one of key requirements of being able to turn this amazing idea into a product. It was necessary for the team to understand each specific role in the industry, whether it be the Advertiser, Media Agency or the Auditor (Advise) as well as flow specifics related to each stakeholder. Advise Suite provides a number of possibilities to the user, such as for our client to be able to carry out pitch and tracking projects for their clients or for their clients to do this independently. 

Some of the technical challenges were related to planning of asynchronous task processing and node.js-based worker for handling processes and parsings. Creating dynamic entities for different Key Performance Indicators and respective KPI groups, unique to each media type. Performing calculations on large datasets and parsing huge data files. Pitch and Performance tracking data visualisation, according to different sets of parameters. Presenting users with the opportunity to manage, analyse and optimise data using dynamically created sets of tables in runtime and real-time, unique to each KPI.

Complex processes related to creating, optimizing and executing media campaigns creating a tender - rather known as a Pitch, understanding the role of an auditor who will independently track agency performance, developing inter-connected features and performing calculations, file parsing and cross-task dependencies were some of the reasons our developers needed to practice agility and go one extra mile. But we must be honest in saying this product is not just our clients, but also our pride.


Project kick-off was the beginning of April 2020. Initially, we had to go through multiple onboarding sessions together with the client, as well as through the way that they did baselining, pitching and other segments of the process manually. Also, in joint efforts, we figured out the appropriate UX wireframes for the product, that we later implemented using the React framework. As the product required working with very large amounts of data in the form of heavy spreadsheets, we invested a lot of time in picking the right toolset for the front-end and backend, to make sure these data arrays are processed in the optimal way, yet with the utmost precision.

Several months later, in July 2020 Advise Media had its first pre-MVP release - covering the entire Pitch Management flow, when we performed the bug triage and a detailed testing of the full app, which has since been tested. Project is still in its active development phase, particularly working on the Tracking section and further data visualisation. With planned 1.0 release by the end of 2020.

"TMS has successfully laid the foundation for our start-up and business growth by developing the Advise Media Suite. From the very first day we could feel that the team lived our goals as their own and with endless energy and patience, sprint by sprint, they pushed the development forward. In addition to the expert knowledge we appreciate the agility in dealing with our business challenges, so that we were always able to adapt the software development to the needs of our clients. Effective, fast and reliable - we are pleased to have found the right partner.“

─ Marino Vukovic

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