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Idea Buddy

A platform for developing and validating an idea and creating a business plan.

  • Project Management
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Feature Release Planning and Optimization
  • Integrations with Ads, Payments and other Services
  • PHP with Slim Framework and Doctrine
  • VueJS with Element UI
  • SASS
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Docker
  • Payment system integration
  • Idea Buddy


IdeaBuddy is a platform that allows users to develop and evaluate their idea, and to light their way from concept to completion. IdeaBuddy can help with identifying target customers, conducting a competitor analysis, performing a SWOT analysis, determine market share, forecast revenue and growth, calculate profit and cash flow, compared to industry standards and many more in a nice and intuitive interface. Advanced finance calculation is made easy for all of those who are not mathematically inclined.


In early March 2019. our app development team with a guide from our experienced project manager started an initial planning and project review. With the help of creative UX/UI designers who did the design for the MVP, we started the development of the first features, so kick-off was in late March 2019.

Several months later, we had the first features ready - Story Mode and Overview modules of IdeaBuddy app. Before the pre-MVP release in December, we did bug triage and detailed testing of the app. We wanted to make sure that algorithm that we developed works fast and errorless. With great satisfaction of our client and beta testers of the app, who got access to the MVP released in January 2020, the commercial release took place in March 2020.

Since then, we are releasing monthly updates, maintaining the application and fixing bugs. Upgrading of the platform is now paused, but very soon the focus will be on new complex features such as a validation module that will help users get the final score for their idea and the application will instantly give recommendations for improvement.

Key Challenges

IdeaBuddy application was the first project in the business planning industry that we developed. Although algorithms and industry-specific needs were new for us, we managed to investigate and advance our knowledge in the process of building such an application. Inter-connected features and cross-task dependencies were one of the reasons our developers needed to go the extra mile, but the final product was worth it. 

Key Results

  • A fully-featured SaaS, able to provide trial access, a variety of subscription plans, different roles and permissions

  • Fast application able to process a large amount of data in advanced calculations¬†

  • Highly intuitive custom software for end-user