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Milutina Milankovica 11b
11000 Beograd

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Full-Stack Developer

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Essential Functions:
  • Develop web app back-end logic, mostly using Symfony framework and Doctrine ORM;
  • Create database schemas that represent and support business processes;
  • Some front-end tasks with Angular, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5;
  • Develop, test, and maintain robust, scalable, high-quality software;
  • Write highly organized, maintainable code;
  • Solve difficult problems while continuously learning and improving;
  • Maintain data and code security and protection for the delivered projects.
Essential Requirements:
  • English language - above intermediate level is needed as we use it in daily work;
  • Experience with OOP in PHP, with Symfony framework, Doctrine ORM, MySQL queries - to be able to keep up with our projects we estimate that 3-5 years of experience is needed;
  • Experience with versioning control under GIT;
  • Experience with continuous integration;
  • Experience with automated testing and test-driven development;
  • Responsibility for your work - developer’s scope of responsibility is not only the current task, but the whole project;
  • Initiative - developer is supposed to take his own initiative to improve code, suggest solutions, fix problems, not only do what’s told;
  • Experience with teamwork, collaboration, pair programming.
We are offering:
  • Working in a friendly team of young people, flexible working hours, no bureaucracy or unnecessary pressure;
  • Opportunity to constantly learn and use new technologies, keep up-to-date with web development trends;
  • Opportunity to show yourself and apply your skills, to progress faster than in large companies;
  • Working under Agile principles, especially SCRUM framework;
  • Ability to learn new things through team training, learning and group exercises;
  • Becoming a team lead for future projects is possible;
  • Over time, access to well-known UK and EU companies through projects.
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