Asian countries are the leading outsourcing countries for both American and English companies. They are the popular choice for providing business process outsourcing support to a wide variety of businesses across the world.

However, unbeknownst to many companies, there is a country in the central Balkans that is also home to many IT experts where large-scale companies can outsource their IT departments.

Serbia aims to rise from slow economic growth caused by the Balkan Wars in the 1990s and is emerging as one of the powerful technology hubs in the world.

Despite being a small player both on the global and regional level, 10% of Serbia’s gross domestic product or GDP is generated from information technology.

Post-socialist countries such as Serbia are currently experiencing a period of digital transformation, and many young skillful workforces for the IT industry emerge across the country.

IT companies in Serbia are also multiplying. There is a long list of reasons why Serbia makes a perfect place to outsource IT alongside popular Asian countries. Thus, this article created by our team at TMS will provide the top five advantages of working with IT companies in Serbia.

Advantages of IT Companies in Serbia

Serbian companies have highly skilled web developers who also have a strong command of the English language. They also have lower than the average pay that you’d have in the US or Western Europe which makes them an attractive proposition.

The software and web development business continues to expand. IT companies establish hundreds of software houses to globalize and expand their connection to more than fifty countries from different regions.

They also host innovation hubs, self-fund their startups, and extend support to business partners. In response to the growing demand for software development, IT companies in Serbia continue to emerge.

This article provides a list of reasons why outsourcing software development to Serbia is highly recommended.

#1 Manageable Time Zone Difference

The Central European standard time would not be difficult to deal with, a London-based tech company can completely manage the +1 GMT time zone difference.

Whereas for the American companies, the difference in time zone would result in an increase of working hours up to more than half of the standard work schedule.

Serbian companies also have night shifts that ensure 24/7 service and pay rates for overnight work that is lower than the regular salary bonuses given in American companies.

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#2 The English Language

English is used as a second language and considered to be the standard medium of instruction for daily business communications. Serbia leads the countries with the most freelancers by population. It indicates good work ethics and a high level of English proficiency.

Although English isn’t their native language, Serbians are proficient enough to communicate and conduct businesses in English. Thus, communication will not be a problem when offshoring in Serbia.

#3 Similar Work Ethics

The cultural affinity of Serbia encompasses both East and West which makes it easier to establish both personal and business relationships. The slight difference in terms of culture is also manageable.

Being a modern European country and a crossroad of different cultures, the work ethics of Serbians are similar and acceptable for most Western companies.

IT companies in Serbia provide quality service at any given deadlines. These work ethics make it easier to strike deals.

#4 Skilled Employees

Due to its robust educational system for both engineering and computer sciences, Serbia became home to a young, skilled IT workforce with a strong educational background.

Educational institutions in Serbia offer quality engineering and IT programs, and they produce IT professionals that provide excellent service to the IT industry.

This was also due to their educational reform that requires students at the elementary level to study basic programming languages like Python. It sustains Serbian companies with skilled programmers and web developers.

#5 Low Cost

The reason why companies outsource their business processes is to reduce their operational costs. The IT sector in Serbia makes an ideal choice.

Outsourcing in Serbia provides cost-cutting solutions for small IT companies when managing their business operations within a restricted time frame.

At a low operational cost, companies can get high-quality services and faster results.

According to Glassdoor, the yearly web developer salary in Serbia is around $12,000. Compare that to Germany ($57,406) or the US ($68,524), and you can get an idea. You should still take these estimations with a grain of salt.

The Most Recommended Serbian IT Companies

As Serbia experiences its IT renaissance, the country rises as one of the leading hotspots for the IT industry. Startup companies began to emerge across the country. Thus, this article will provide you a list of popular startups recommended for outsourcing.

TMS Outsource

TMS Outsource

Established in 2014, TMS Outsource is an application development company located in the capital of Serbia. Our company has a team of skilled developers who have worked exclusively with IT businesses, and are experts in custom software development. mobile app development, and web development.

Our services include UI and UX design, web and mobile app development, testing, release, support in and maintenance. TMS Outsource’s engineers have a wide range of expertise, and they also focus on the online business profitability of the clients, thus they can manage especially large-scale projects.

Our tech stack includes PHP-based technologies like Symfony and Laravel; content management systems like WordPress; Java, Node.js, React Native, Angular, Vue, iOS and Android native, and more. You can check more about our services here.

Over the years, we’ve worked on several large scale products and we also created our own which we’re proud of. Out of those in-house projects, we’re proud of wpDataTables, the #1 tables and graphs WordPress plugin, and Amelia, an amazing WordPress booking plugin. There are a few more surprises coming up in our portfolio that we’ll release soon.

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FitPass is a fitness company that was established in 2015. It is located in Belgrade, and they offer venues for different sport and leisure activities under one membership card.

FitPass provides companies with health and wellness programs that enable their employees to enjoy sports and recreational activities. They currently offer around 60 activities to choose from and 650 venues across 32 cities in Serbia.

Thousands of companies offer Fitpass to their employees. A French company, Groupe Up, for example, acquired a 20% stake in the company for an undisclosed amount.

Braineering IT Solutions

Braineering IT Solutions

Braineering IT Solutions is a Belgrade-based system integration company that provides reliable and scalable IT infrastructures, pre-built turnkey, and cloud-based solutions to various businesses.

Braineering also offers consultations for solving problems related to IT infrastructures, and training courses for virtualization, networking, and security.



Kolosek is a small software development and design consultancy located in Novi Sad, Serbia. Kolosek focuses on building custom web and mobile applications. It has provided top-quality applications for various businesses across the world.

Kolosek also provides programming services. It engages clients throughout the product development process, from conceptualizing project ideas to front-end and back-end development.



Founded in 2016, BrightMarbles is a Novi Sad-based software development company that offers custom software, web, and mobile development for businesses at any scale.

BrightMarbles has a team of 40 software developers and engineers with key tech expertise in .NET, NodeJS, Java, front-end and back-end development, and more.

Their services include requirement gathering and analysis, testing, deployment, support and maintenance, architecture, and designing.



SmartCat is a boutique data agency and consultancy firm in Novi Sad that focuses on data strategy, data solutions, and product engineering. With these three key pillars, SmartCart provides ready-made digital solutions, creates a data strategy roadmap, and data-driven decisions to help businesses achieve their goals.

SmartCat has a close-knit group of over 30 data scientists, data engineers, and DevOps experts that help their clients actualize their business ideas.

Vega IT Sourcing

Vega IT Sourcing

Another Novi Sad-based software development company, Vega IT Sourcing was established in 2008, and it has almost 200 employees focused on providing custom software, web, and mobile app development services.

Vega IT has over 11 years of experience using agile methodologies such as Scrum. It also uses Salesforce as its CRM platform.

The company has delivered over 800 projects and worked with mid-market and enterprise clients from various industries such as fin-tech, pharma-tech, transportation and logistics, enterprise blockchain, and more.



ProvDevs is located in Belgrade, Serbia. It is focused on helping businesses build and grow both in-house and remote development teams. ProvDevs offers professional support and services in website app development. It supports many businesses from different industries and niches.

ProvDevs also help companies to create nearshore offices in Serbia, provide a dedicated team of developers, IT staffing, and relocation.



Odizajn is a full creative service and interactive design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded in 2017, and it has a representative office located in Toulouse, France.

Odizajn offers services such as interactive UI and UX web design, graphic design, web development, digital marketing promotion, SEO optimization, and ICT consultation.

Odizajn also promotes pay per click (PPC) advertising for internet marketing. This type of sponsored online advertising helps websites generate traffic at any time. It offers Facebook and YouTube advertising, and Google AdWords.



Based in Nis, Ingsoftware is a full-cycle software development that has representative offices in the United States, Austria, Denmark, and Zimbabwe.

It focuses on product engineering and provides startup services such as software prototyping, software development, branding and design, and tech force.

Ingsoftware helps enterprises and startups with their digital transformation, by leveraging its cross-functional team structure and multidisciplinary collaborative approach in the development process.

Vivify Ideas

Vivify Ideas

Founded in 2013, Vivify Ideas is a web development company in Novi Sad that specializes in custom software development, mobile and desktop application development, VR/AR development, outsourcing, and other related services.

With a team of 90 employees, Vivify Ideas works with small and mid-sized businesses.

Additional IT services include software code review, software design, project management, SEO analysis, and content writing.

Ending thoughts on working with IT companies in Serbia

There is a long list of factors that makes Serbia an ideal country for nearshoring and offshoring software development. The list includes the growing number of IT experts, the manageable difference in time zone, English proficiency, and more.

As the IT industry in Serbia continues to expand, Serbian web developers prefer to work with the same team, which is favorable for companies planning to offshore to Serbia. It increases the chance of working with the same team of web developers for the entire project.

Serbia’s thriving IT sector stems from the country’s robust education for engineering, with almost a third of its graduates coming from technical schools. The payment rate for software development services also becomes more competitive locally.

Considering these factors, IT companies in Serbia and experts continue to sharpen their business competitiveness to keep up with well-known outsourcing countries.

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