Looking for enterprise mobile app ideas for your company? We have quite the lineup for you.

It goes without saying that a business without a dedicated app will not be able to grow in a competitive market. Mobile apps are necessary for all companies, from start-ups to huge enterprises.

They help to attract and maintain customers using mobile devices. A mobile application can add value to a business and help it grow.

There are many different ideas for an app to look at. There are internal apps as well as apps for customers.

The final choice will depend on the company’s specific needs.

Continue reading to discover 24 great enterprise mobile app ideas you can use to benefit your company.

Those who already have an app can use the examples to inspire improvements or even to create a new app.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Apps

More and more apps use artificial intelligence. The examples of existing apps based on AI will help you come up with your own idea:

  • A mobile app for recruiters. It integrates with calendars, auto-accepts confirmations, receives reservations, proposes dates and times for meetings, fills in schedules, and notifies attendees about any changes.
  • A mobile app for managing business expenses. It helps manage expenses by scanning, uploading, and tracking receipts using AI.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) app. Most SaaS apps use machine learning from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

There has never been a better time to invest in developing an AI-driven app.

Loyalty Apps

Loyalty Apps

The second of these enterprise mobile app ideas is represented by a loyalty app. A dedicated app can increase user engagement and customer loyalty levels. If executed well, a mobile app allows customers to shop and take part in a loyalty/reward program at the same time.

Uses of loyalty apps include browsing products, collecting points, keeping loyalty cards, and paying with credit/debit cards.

Businesses can utilize loyalty apps to communicate and engage with customers. They can also collect relevant data at the same time.

Business Management Apps

Many aspects of business management are easier using a mobile app. These include collecting, storing, and organizing data and streamlining internal processes.

Internal management solutions allow employees to access information quickly and use it effectively. ERP systems, advanced analytical solutions, and CRM software help manage and analyze data.

Being able to do that via a mobile app increases speed and effectiveness. For example, being able to access the CRM on a mobile device increases the productivity of salespeople working in the field.

There are many CRM and other management solutions out there. So it’s not always necessary to create an app specifically for your business.

It may, however, be very useful, especially for large enterprises. Big companies oftentimes need more than a generic management tool.

They often require more complex, dedicated solutions. With that in mind, one may decide to develop an app that meets specific needs.

Blockchain-Based Apps

Contrary to common belief, Blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrencies and finances. It is a system of recording information that makes it difficult to impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

In other words, it’s all about secure data storage.

Blockchain is therefore perfect for creating finance-related mobile apps. Or for developing apps used to record and share critical digital information.

A Blockchain-powered app allows both parties to keep track of every file transaction securely. A Blockchain-based mobile app is arguably the best idea for an app in 2021.

AR (Augmented Reality) Apps for eCommerce

AR (Augmented Reality) Apps for eCommerce

A recent survey in the United States revealed that 82% of Internet users in the USA will shop online soon. This can be a great incentive to develop an eCommerce app that uses AR technology.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. It enhances objects that reside in the real world by computer-generated perceptual information.

In other words, it combines real-world information with virtual objects in real-time.

One of the best examples of an AR-powered app is “Pokemon Go.” Of course, it’s possible to develop something other than a mobile game.

The idea here is to create an eCommerce app that uses AR technology. This allows users to try products (such as decoration items, clothes, jewelry, makeup) in a virtual way.

IoT-Based (Internet of Things) Apps

The Internet of Things industry continues to grow.

IoT is the network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies. They connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

This idea is often used to create products such as:

  • smart home security systems and cameras
  • multiroom music players
  • smart lighting fixtures
  • smart thermostats
  • healthcare monitoring systems
  • automatic smart parking
  • smart roads
  • wireless sensor systems
  • water quality monitoring solutions, and much more.

The number of ideas for an IoT-based app is infinite.

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Team Management & Internal Communication Apps

Team Management & Internal Communication Apps

Simplified, more efficient team management and internal communication are possible via an app. A well-designed enterprise mobile app can gather and give access to performance data and other insights in real-time.

It can also increase employee engagement. Here are a few examples of possible uses within a company:

  • Assessing and improving employee satisfaction
  • Assisting employees with applying for internal job opportunities
  • Booking a conference room
  • Involving employees in the decision-making process
  • Keeping track of sick leave and vacation days
  • Measuring employees’ performance
  • Organizing meetings and events
  • Reporting bugs and IT-related issues
  • Sharing company news

Documentation Apps

Switching from one document to another and back can be irritating and overwhelming.  It may be a great idea to develop an enterprise mobile app for managing a user’s or company’s documentation needs.

An example of an app that does that is Coda. Check it out to find some inspiration!

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Self-Storage Apps

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Self-Storage Apps

Extra space is always sought after. It is not easy to find appropriate storage space, though.

A peer-to-peer self-storage app allows people with storage space to connect with those who need to store their things. Creating an effective self-storage app can benefit both users and your company.

AI-Enabled Chatbots

Growing competition and multiple options to choose from make customers less patient. People visiting your website or using your dedicated app want instant replies to their inquiries.

AI-based Chatbots provide instant solutions to customers’ queries, thus improving customer relations.

Adding an AI-based live chat to a mobile app removes the need for human interactions. It also lessens the fatigue of a human dealing with multiple queries at the same time.

Startup Management App

Startup Management App

Launching a business is never smooth sailing. It means analyzing the market, identifying main competitors, and determining the budget.

It’s also necessary to find the right marketing platform. Too, there is the challenge of looking for and hiring suitable professionals while caring for other aspects of the new business.

A startup management app can be of great assistance. It can help to build a team of experts and determine the cost of the investment.

It can also provide a database of investors who have a genuine interest in the project.

Free Samples and Reviews App

Many businesses offer free trials or product samples to get customer feedback.

Imagine an app that brings them all into one place. Users could order free samples and then leave their honest reviews.

This app would be a great solution for businesses producing food, cosmetics, and other consumer products. It would allow them to collect honest feedback about new launches.

They could test and compare alternatives and get word-of-mouth marketing if the users enjoy the sample.

Truck Management Apps

Truck Management Apps

Managing a truck fleet is a challenge in the logistics industry.

It involves checking truck availability, monitoring and ensuring their departure. Also the running status, arrival, and management of consignments.

An enterprise mobile app can streamline these tasks and save lots of time and energy. Even a basic app can create a list of all the trucks, together with their real-time status, available in one place.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) App

MVP is a great solution for people starting a business or bringing a new product to the market. Especially those with a limited budget or very little time.

One can create an MVP app with minimum functionality to test-run it before launching the final product. Businesses can receive and analyze early feedback about user experience and key features.

Investment Planner Apps

Investment Planner Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on the global economy. Many businesses are looking for the best investment plan to help them survive.

This is a good time to develop an app that provides the information, guidance, and resources needed to make a good investment.

Investors could create profiles and upload their basic information and areas of interest. They could set limits and stipulate the duration of potential investments.

The app would then evaluate all the information and provide the best investment plans.

AI-Enabled Recruiter Apps

Another idea for an AI-based app is a recruiter app that would assist companies with:

  • searching through different job sites for resumes that match set criteria
  • verifying if the candidates meet the requirements
  • conducting initial rounds of job interviews

It would be especially popular with small businesses and startups.

AI-Enabled Text Extraction Apps

AI-Enabled Text Extraction Apps

Companies depend on data and data patterns to observe, predict, and influence customers’ behavior.

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to develop a mobile app. This app would extract the desired data quickly and automatically.

Predefined algorithms then segregate, clean, and pre-process extracted data according to set parameters. Developing a mobile application that can do all of that pretty much guarantees success.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Apps

An MES app can help ensure that the factory floor data is accurate, complete, and usable. It can also provide control and synchronization across the plant.

This helps to reach and maintain high efficiency and responsiveness to customer demand. It allows a startup to have a head start in today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) Apps

WMS (Warehouse Management System) Apps

A warehouse management system helps support day-to-day business activities. This includes product putaway, picking and packaging assistance, and inventory replenishment.

A mobile WMS app will make running a warehouse easy, efficient, and productive. It’s quite a new app idea so the potential for success is immense.

Business Idea-Sharing Apps

This would be a great help to people looking for ideas and guidance regarding startups. Users could brainstorm and share ideas, suggest the best investment plans, and provide tips and advice.

Develop this kind of app by utilizing machine learning and data science technology. These can analyze real-life market trends and make precise forecasts.

This app would assist users to identify business ideas that match their budgets and provide other useful suggestions. It may also be the bridge that helps users get startup ideas across to developers and investors.

Logistics Apps

Logistics Apps

Digital services are becoming an integral part of the ever-growing logistics industry.

A mobile app can assist with three main aspects of a logistics service. These are good communication, ease of transportation, and assurance of delivery.

Logistics mobile app ideas include:

  • tracking apps for dealing with consignments
  • management apps for assigning parcel services to drivers
  • booking apps for booking vehicles

Mental Health Apps for Employees

Every high-quality company takes care of its employees’ mental health. A mobile app can help employees handle stress at the workplace.

It can enable them to track, monitor, and analyze their mood changes and triggers. This in turn helps them to manage their emotions.

The app can also provide a list of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who offer tips and assistance with stress management and healthy living.

The app would also ensure that each employee’s privacy is maintained. All personal information and reports remain between them and their mental health experts.

The Bug Detection App

The Bug Detection App

The last of these enterprise mobile app ideas is a bug detection app.

This is the digital age and yet each app still experiences bugs. Many app owners would rather use a bug detection app than pay an IT engineer every time there is a problem.

This is a fresh, undeveloped idea for an enterprise mobile application.

The app should be straightforward to access and use. The idea is that the user takes a screenshot of the bug and uploads it into the mobile app.

The app then identifies the bug, searches for the solution, and provides a list of best-matching results.

Offline & Online Activity Merging Apps

For your business to be successful, it’s best to combine both the online and offline channels. This is crucial for companies that sell their products via brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.

Keeping track of both offline and online purchases is very important. A mobile app can help to merge and keep track of all customer activities in one place.

Customers could use the app to navigate through the store, confirm product availability, and use the “click & collect” feature. Having an omnichannel shopping experience would make the app very attractive and successful.

Ending thoughts on these enterprise mobile app ideas

Simple ideas often turn out to be the most effective. Having a great mobile app idea is vital before starting an app development project.

Some apps are better suited for internal or B2B use, while others are perfect for B2C use. Enterprise mobile app development does not have to be scary or overwhelming.

Remember that a great app idea is not only innovative but also provides a solution to a specific problem. It fills a specific need in the market.

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